CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine


Fully functional, which has combined both the plate and profile processing. This system integrated the most convenient switching function of material and cutter, the design of double slotting cutter and double bending tools can easily deal with stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate and aluminum profile and other materials processing. Now the machine is the highest rate of return on investment in the market

A13ESW Planer Full Function Bending Machine

Double bending tools bending system, special designed bending tools and the tools edge, capable of bending with plate and profile. Better choice for small angle and radian bending.

Double-cutter slotting, using plane cutter for Galvanized sheet and Stainless steel, using milling cutter for Aluminum plate and Aluminum profiles.

Continual rolling press feeding, fast and precise, continual respond, shorten the time of feeding. The close-loop control from length encoder and system itself, makes possible to avoid the material slipping.

AT1 Advance Full Function Bending Machine

Double knife alternating bending system, according to the change of internal and external arc, automatically switch to bend the bending tool, reverse bending tool automatic income tools library, to avoid the phenomenon of intervention bending tools forming angle, for small arc of the small angle of the molding performance is very good. Under the same platform have the processing ability of profile, plate and profile processing without the need to replace the hardware

Double cutter double drive slotting system, Planer cutter and milling cutter of combination configuration, The system is based on the processing of different materials to drive the slotting tool, no manual intervention tool switching procedure.

Rolling continuous feeding system, Rapid and sensitive, continuous response. The pressure can be adjusted according to the change of material, which can avoid the occurrence of indentation and sliding material. The setting of the double feeding support avoids the change of feeding track, and ensures the smooth input of the material. processing without the need to replace the hardware.


Technical specifications

Feeding System Rolling continuous feeding device Circulation-typed clamp feeding system Circulation-typed clamp feeding system
Slotting System Milling Cutter Double Side arbitary Angle slotting system Planer alloy knife, slotting system Planer alloy knife, Double-knife slotting system
Bending System Single blade bending system Double blade alternate bending system Double blade alternate bending system
Feeding System < 16mm 20 ~ 125mm 20 ~ 195mm
Material Thickness ≤1.2mm ≤1.2mm ≤1.2mm ≤1.0mm ≤1.2mm ≤1.0mm
Accuracy ±0.1mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Input File Format .dxf, plt .dxf .dxf
Dimensions L1600mm×W570mm×H1250mm L2571mm×W800mm×H1550mm L2500mm×W960mm×H1670mm
Power AC220V 50Hz 2.4Kw AC220V 50Hz 2.4Kw AC220V 50Hz 3.0Kw
Air Supply 0.6m3 /Min 0.6m3 /Min 0.6m3 /Min
Total Weight 200Kg 480Kg 510Kg
Specifications are liable to change without prior notice. Computer system does not come with machine