RJ 2513V - 2030V UV LED Curing Flatbed Printer

RJ-2513V & RJ-2030V delivers high-quality and productive color scheme with comprehensive features. UV LED Curing Flatbed Printers provide high quality direct printing on majority of materials, including wood, glasses, leather, ceramic tiles and much more.

Other Features

Auto Height Detection System :-

Automatically detects the height of media and calibrates print head distance for optimal dot placement and image quality.

Ink Backflow Protection :-

Once inks back flow to negative pressure container, the system will automatically stop ink supply to protect negative pressure system.

Inks and Substrates :-

Please note that properties and adhesion. weather resistance etc, of ink and substrates can vary. Please test materials before printing.

Print And Save the Earth at Same Time :-

RasterJet UV Series use zero-waste technology, with a belief that we can print and save the planet at same time.

Highlight Features

Ricoh Gen 5 Printheads:
Featuring variable dot, true grayscale imaging 7,14, and 21pl at a true native 600 dpi.
Vacuum System:
The vacuum bed holds media steady to ensure stable printing. The vacuum system can be turned ON/OFF easily from the control panel by a button.
Mechanical Material Alignment System:
Mechanical alignment point allows accurate and consistent media placement.
Negative Pressure System:
Negative pressure system with digital control pressure display gauges ensures high-quality printing at higher possible firing frequency, hence increasing printing speed and stability.
White Ink Circulation System:
Keeps color particulates in motion to improve stability and dispersions of the pigments in the fluid reservoir and ink path.
Low Ink Volume Reminding System:
When the ink volume is low, the alarm will light up and beep.



Printing Speed

Resolution 720x900dpi 720x1200dpi 720x900dpi 720x1200dpi 720x900dpi 720x1200dpi
Number Of Pass 6 Pass 8 Pass 12 Pass
Direction Bi-Direction Bi-Direction Bi-Direction
Speed 14 sq.m/hr 12 sq.m/hr 8 sq.m/hr

Technical specifications

Model RJ 2513V RJ 2030V
Print Head 3 Ricoh Gen 5 Industrial Printhead (Up to 8 Optional)
Maximum Print Size 2500mm (L) x 1300mm (W) 3000mm (L) x 2000mm (W)
Printing Resolution 720x1200 dpi
Printing Direction Uni and Bi-Direction
Printing Technology Variable Dot Printing (Grey Scale Printing)
Media Max. Thickness 10cm 7cm
Ink t ype UV LED Curable Inks
Ink Color C,M,Y,K, White (Standard), Lc, Lm, Varnish (Optional)
Ink Capacity 1000ml Bottal
Ink S upply System Negative Pressure System (NPS) with Automatic Ink Supply
UV Technology Dual UV LED Lamp
RIP ColorGate
Interface USB 2.0
Power Requirements AC 100-110 Volt / 220-240 V, 50/60Hz
Assembled Dimensions (WxHxD) 440cm x 220cm x 140cm 230cm x 408cm x 120cm
Net Weight 760kgs 1800kgs
Specifications are liable to change without prior notice.